Brian's Portfolio
These are some of the projects I have done or have been involved in over the years. My main focus has been on creating game experiences that I would want to play, which quite often coincides with latent desires held by associated communities. My specialty is in Concept Gameplay Design, applying the knowledge gained by an extended history of modding and networking abilities to every new task.

Game Modification Projects
Project Type Base Languages Team
Space BuildRP/GameplayHL2-GModLua, CAD1
Morrowind OnlineTool/ConceptMorrowindVB, ASM, NetImmerse Script1-3
Life SupportRealism/Scripting LibHL2-GModLua1
Resource DistributionScripting Lib/APIHL2-GModLua1
PEANUTGameplay/Magic SystemHexen IIQC1-2
Junk GrenadeWeaponHL2-GModLua1
Quad ArenaGameplay/ConceptQuake3QC1
Hunt DronesWeapon/ConceptQuake3-HuntQC1
Custom Spell SystemGameplay/ConceptQuake3QC1
Alchemical WarfareGameplayMorrowindNetImmerse Script1
MeteorsCosmetic/ConceptMorrowindNetImmerse Script1
Morrowind DJTool/ConceptMorrowindVB, NetImmerse Script1

Software Development Projects
Project Type Base Languages Team
EquityBuilder SolutionsTool/ServiceAccessSQL, VBA, C++, Winsock2-3
Deathray(multiplayer)GameStandaloneVB, Winsock1
Splode3D EngineStandaloneC++, OpenGL1

Technical Design Projects
Project Type Base LanguagesTeam
Autonomous RoverRoboticsGMod-WireLogic Gates1
Foo FighterAttack/Utility PlatformGMod-WireExpression21
Model StructureGame DesignGenericCMap1
LED GloveEntertainment DevicePIC16F628, SDCCC1
RadarShipboard SensorGMod-WireLogic Gates1
Interplanetary SpacecraftCrew InterfaceGMod-Wire-Life SupportLogic Gates4