Alchemical Warfare


Galbedir's family has arrived in Vvardenfell! Seek them out and if you're nice enough, they may reveal some practical advice! Namely, their discovery that drilling a hole in the end of arrows will allow the packing of ingredients to produce effects on impact! They have even started their own periodical highlighting discoveries in the field of Offensive Alchemy! Perhaps you can help them discover new and more powerful combinations of ingredients?

Technical Details
Use Alchemy for destructive purposes at your own risk, it could blow up in your face! Be sure and perform the loading of your elemental projectiles at a safe distance from townsfolk when you are inexperienced. The worse the odds vs your Alchemy skill, the more likely you will end up with an explosion.(effect formulae are not explosive, no need to worry about them igniting, just watch out for those elementals and poisons!) Be warned, certain ingredients are far more potent than others, and will result in more than just a minor accident. Labcoats will provide some protection for the ambitious novice..
Governing Attribute: Alchemy skill

You can also drill your own Hollow Arrows out of regular Iron, Steel or Silver arrows (Silver arrows are easiest to work with, you'll have most luck with them.)
Governing Attribute: Armorer skill

To begin, go to Arrilles Trading House and talk to Galbedir's Sister. Buy a Funnel Press and some hollow arrows(she keeps making more so no need to worry about running out.) After you've purchased the Funnel Press, you can drop it wherever you desire and use it there(you will have to be actually *standing* where you want it to be dropped.) Get a Mortar & Pestle, Now activate the apparatus, you will get the choices

A: add/get ingredients
B: load arrows
C: take apparatus

A: will open your inventory so you can drop ingredients into the apparatus, much as you would with a container. you can place multiple ingredients but the outcome is uncertain at best. Try to stick to whatever formula is known and you'll avoid wasting.

B: will take any hollow arrows in your inventory and ram them full of the mixture you placed into the apparatus. depending on the chemicals you used, you could get anything from Level 1 to Level 6 arrows of whichever type your ingredients dictate. To perform a successful loading, you must have the following: ingredients in the Funnel Press, a Mortar & Pestle and at least 5 Hollow Arrows in your inventory. Depending on your Alchemy skill, you may fail often at first. You will either simply crush the arrows, or worse, botch the whole thing, arrows and ingredients up in smoke all at once! Though this will only happen if you are exceedingly inept..

C: will empty the apparatus and place it into your inventory. this dumps the ingredients out, so you may want to take them out yourself before they are lost forever in this process.

When you want to make your own hollow arrows, you will need at least 2 things: an Auger and Iron, Steel or Silver Arrows. Drag the Auger from your inventory onto your player doll, a menu will pop up asking you which arrows to start drilling on.

Note: Try reading some of Galbedir's Family periodicals, they will put you well on your way to effective alchemical warfare! Each family member has their own selection. They like to hang around in Mages Guilds of major cities. You will notice that the more powerful the arrow, the more it weighs. Choose your arsenal wisely!

here are the specifics:

a use for all those excessive ingredients!
54(find the secret 55th!) possible arrow types
4 new shirts:
-a: Fire Labcoat
-b: Frost Labcoat
-c: Shock Labcoat
-d: Poison Labcoat
2 new items that serve as apparatus:
-a: Funnel Press
-b: Auger
7 new NPCs, vendors in the mage guilds of major cities. hopefully not in the way.
9 new arrow icons
11 new books(all sold by the 7 new NPCs)
1 new container(technically it's part of the apparatus.)

revision history:
1.5: got it all working
1.6: fixed bug of all NPCs using the failure explosion spells(thanks M6n6M6!) also upped success chances in general, was too wasteful in the past.
1.7: optimized auger script for best performance, also added better names to failure explosion spells, making them less dev-ish..