Customized Spell System

This was a small project for school, I wanted to design a modular magic system so the player could create spells by attaching Effects to Dynamics.

Technical Details
The player chooses a Starting Dynamic, such as a "forward shooting projectile", "trace hit", "follow ground", "launch affected by gravity", etc..
Then the player would choose an Effect, such as "Fire", "Blue Plasma(Water?)", "Green Plasma(Air?)", etc..
After that, the player chooses a "detonation" effect, initiated on contact with the world or objects. These included "Point Explosion", "Rain Down from Sky", "Scatter Explosion", "Lingering Effect(gas cloud)", etc..

There wasn't much time to go into detail about the effects, also an interface would be needed to take full advantage of the flexibility the system could have offered. Since it was Quake3, there wasn't much content to play around with so the Effects remained with stand-ins. I was really striving for a game where players could OWN their magical abilities, rather than acquire prefab spells which do nothing other than their predefined behavior. It was a success insofar as the Dynamics and Effects implemented with the time allowed.