Overunity: The Morrowind Plugin Manager, Resource Debugger and Package Export Tool.

This project was born out of an insatiable craving to collect all plugins in existence, and the shrieking madness inspired by trying to activate them all through the default frontend.

The name is a tribute to creative talents at Bethesda and the mod community for the co-creation of this phenomenal game. You get more out Morrowind than you put into it!

Technical Details
Before Overunity:
you spend literally hours straining your eyes and fingers by checking and un-checking every plugin you want to use, never knowing if you've just activated a plugin and its updated version because the date difference is too great for you to see in one boxfull. You *finally* load up Morrowind and start on a quest, then *BAM!* missing files ruin your experience with error messages and hokey stand-in graphics, or one plugin stomps on changes made by another that you prefer. Or worse yet: a mod with an updated version cancels out some object references, giving you an instant Crash To Desktop!!

Or maybe you're a modder and aren't sure if you've included *all* the necessary resources for a release. Maybe you misspelled a filename too! Who knows???

Maybe you just want something to rip all the resources needed for your mod out of the Data Files directory and place them neatly somewhere so you can build a safe installer?

Perhaps too many plugins that you don't use are wasting space on your hard disk? If you're not careful when you delete them you might affect other mods that depend on the same resources!

What do you do???

After Overunity:
You only see the mods you want to use, you can sort them by Name, Date, Author or Size. You can remove any number of mods all at once, you can immediately activate all mods used by a savegame and receive a report of missing mods, in case you've re-installed Morrowind(makes a text file for later reference.)

you can even use a fuzzy-logic search to find multiple versions of a plugin! this helps if you have a "battle_arena.esp" installed, along with a "BatleArena.esp", this would immediately point out the possibility of a conflict. Now with variable percentage of similarity(beats eyeballing hundreds of mods for similarities!! also makes a text file output for later reference.)

You can also scan any number of mods all at once, receiving a report of all broken file links, including Nif references to textures(makes a text file for later reference by the modder.)

The modders will love this one, so far a good percentage of plugins are missing a few files. I've added the ability to explore all files in use by a mod and build an installation fully intact. You can choose not to include resources from other plugins if your mod depends on these other plugins(install only what's yours in order to decrease archive size) via the Exclusive Scanner(makes a text file recording broken links in the .esp and associated .nif files.)

Finally, you can check your plugins media references against all other plugins in your Data Files directory with the Shared Resource scanner. This allows you to determine whether the resources you're using are the ones you intend to distribute. Often a modder can get confused about which resources are unique to his/her mod and this results in an oversized final product without knowing of compatibility issues.

Also as a result of the Shared Resource scanner, you can now thoroughly and safely destroy any plugins you no longer desire to keep!

When you're all ready to go, hit the "Play" button and it'll run Morrowind(or the FPS optimizer if installed.)

Default Morrowind Resources are overlooked by all Scanners/Installation Builders.