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What would happen if the players took the Chaos Sphere for their own instead of destroying it? This mod attempts to answer that question!

Technical Details
Project Peanut introduces RPG elements such as a massive array of spells ranging from general mischief to soul-rending Armageddon in a very interesting Total Convertion for Hexen II. It also includes gore enhancements making a bloody mess of the battlegrounds.

-Players have access to an Interdimensional Magic Shop that you can visit at any time, it sells items and magic for gold you have looted from foe carriers.
-It is single player or multiplayer, including 2 new multiplayer gametypes: Survival(DM with all spells) and Heresy(Siege with 1 Mage defending the Tower of the Chaos Sphere against a group of regular Hexen II guys/gals, makes you feel like Eidolon himself!)
-The magic system behaves differently from single-player(or co-op) to any PVP gametype. in single-player(or co-op) you must earn the spells by looting your foes and purchasing your spells at the Interdimensional Magic Shop, assigning them to slots in your custom array of 10. in PVP(Survival and Heresy) the Mage(s) will have the Spell Ring Menu, which gives access to all the spells at once.
-The weapons are altered as well. Purifier is more spectacular in general. The Ice Mace is also more interesting: it shoots a little slower, but the ice projectiles do more damage and leave a nice glittering trail of frost. Tomed, it will cause a hail of sharp icicles. The Vorpal Sword's swipe model isn't so unrealistically huge, fits quite well now. The Raven Staff now does "fair" damage. The Crossbow now fires a single bolt in 3 modes:

1] regular arrow(medium power, uses arrow item)
2] mana bolt(low power, green mana arrow like the enemy Archers, takes 3 mana)
3] mana charged arrow(high power, red arrow like enemy High Archers, takes 2 mana and 1 arrow.

-It also adds 6 new monsters, the Mage Archers. Each one specializes in a particular shade of magic, depending on their surrounding environment. For example, you will most often find the Black/Necro Archers lurking in pits and hallways where their shadow magic is most insidious(watch your step, they can take on deadly shadow form!) Green/Wind Archers usually hang out near cliffs and in wide open spaces for their wind magic to be effective. You probably won't find Yellow/Earth Archers in a pit or narrow hallway, as this type of magic is suicidal in such surroundings. Also, if they were on a cliff, their magic would be totally useless because Yellow/Earth magic requires the combatants to be on the same landmass.

functional spells:
Experiment with these before using them in battle. Be aware of your environment, as their behavior is somewhat chaotic and at times extremely dangerous to the victim and the caster.

White: 1)Time Warp 2)Telekinesis, 3)Teleportation, 4)Summon Meteorite, 5)Shell of Light 6)Photon Beam
Red: 1)Flame Wave 2)Boot of Ignius 3)Lavaball 4)Sweltering Sky 5)Pillar of Fire 6)Giga Flare
Yellow: 1)Lightning Strike 2)Mole Spike 3)Landslide 4) 5) 6)
Green: 1)Razor Wind 2)Aero 3)Bush Bash 4)Blood of Gaia 5)Tree of Life 6)Tornado
Blue: 1)Arctic Wind 2)Cold Spike 3)Ice Cage 4)Geyser 5)Glacial Hail 6)Tsunami
Black: 1)Shadowcaster 2)Black Death 3)Rare Earth Magnet 4)Dark Matter 5)Abyss 6)Black Hole

Multiplayer Gamemodes
You are judged by your ability to stay alive. The player with the longest innings is the Survivor. All players have access to the Spell Ring Menu. Great for temporary madness. with 2 other players you won't last very long... and neither will they =p

A little like King of the Hill, a lot like Siege, Loads of fun :)
Best when played with 3 players and up. When all available players have entered the server on a special map designed for Heresy, you pick the Heresy gametype. Now pick a time limit suitable to your comrade's level of skill. A random player is chosen to become the first Mage(only person with access to Spell Ring Menu).

(Team 1): The Mage is teleported into his private chambers where he guards the Chaos Sphere, the source of his powers. His job is to defend the Chaos Sphere from invaders who don't think highly of it. If the Mage kills himself accidentally, a random player will be chosen to take his place.
(Team 2): The Invaders are meant to break down the Mage's front gate, tunnel under the wall, or catapult over it. They must find the key to the Mage's private chambers in order to gain access to the Chaos Sphere so they might destroy it. If an Invader kills the Mage, he will become the next Mage, while the previous one becomes a normal Hexen guy.

If the Mage can defend the Chaos Sphere for the chosen time frame, all of the invaders will go splat and never be able to respawn, for they will splat again and again and be sucked into empty space. If the Invaders destroy the Chaos Sphere, the Mage will get hurled into deep space and go splat, he will also be tormented by the spirit of Chaos. Fun!

Automatically chosen for single-player and co-op games. You start out with normal skills and as you clear out the baddies you collect their loot. Great for co-op and single-player(especially Fortress of 4 Doors) Makes good use of all that mayhem by funding your customized collection of spells =]

Impulse 52 multiplies the monsters to increase the odds against a team of powerful mages. Multiply the monsters only once per map in co-op, you will want to do this upon entering the map because the monster clones disappear after you leave a map. Travel to the Magic Shop often(impulse 51). Though it's an endless fountain of items, they come at a cost. Things can get a bit off kilter at times. Save often!(just don't save at the Magic Shop or the adjacent road, and do not go to the road if in co-op, it'll cause you both to die!)

When you happen across a live sheep you can call it with the "Command Sheep" command. It will follow you until you use the command again to halt the approach. Pressing the Command Sheep button while facing a destructible object will signal your sheep to attack! While they are weak individually, it is possible to overwhelm an enemy with a large herd. Do your best to keep them safe, as you can sell them at the shop.