Quad Arena


assemble a custom array of up to 4 weapons on 4 unique gunpoints around your player. Your primary weapon will "level up" when you acquire ammo crates. Quad Damage is turned into a Flight artifact. Health increases over time, so don't let your enemy get away!

Technical Details
To choose a weapon gunpoint, bump into it either from your front, sides or rear. Bind a key to "gunlock" so you can avoid messing up your gun assembly when accidentally bumping into a weapon.

Weapon Specifications
Gun Collision PointsAttack Patterns

1 = primary weapon
2 = left gunbot
3 = right gunbot
4 = backpack weapon

added bonus:
new sound effect for rocket explosion
particle effects for explosions
new "lightning blast" primary lightning gun
a few other things I forget at the moment
netgame filter for all gametypes running Quad Arena mod